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Welcome to my website.

I maintain this website to aid families in their pursuit of their desired birth experience.

Please read, share, and seek to reach your specific birth plan.

Birthing Options began serving in 1981. At first, it was just childbirth education classes and childbirth support in the local hospitals. It wasn't very far into the work, 1983, that I realized I had evolved into a midwife by default. I was stunned and scared of the title parents and family members had donned me with. In desperation, I sought knowledge and skills in many arenas. One was the medical world as a nurse and birth center midwife (1986). But in 1988, I came to realize and accept that God had called me to attend natural births and homebirths at that.
 I have learned that all ministries may be good but not necessarily all mine.
I love pregnant ladies, birthing women and their precious newborns. I delight in seeing the Mother achieve her desired birth experience; whether that be a VBAC (vaginal birth after a cesarean), a first time homebirth after not so great birth experiences, or the first time birther doing it her way (which by the way is God's way).
I believe birth is a God given job to us, mothers. We are created to do it and we can do it. There are things that we are responsible for and will be held accountable for.
Things such as healthy lifestyles; including eating well for two, sleeping enough, proper exercise, and educating herself for her anticipated birth and baby

Women get the birth they deserve.

* Whether that is they put a lot of heart and preparation into achieving their desired birth.
* They did nothing and got the birth experience that fell into their laps.

* They are given the birth experience that the Father has prepared them for to mature them into the image of Christ.