2014 Babies
061514 Lydia Jean 7 pounds 5 ounces
to Morgan and John Paul

041914 Bryton Max
 to Jana & Wayne

032614 Paisley Addison 7 pounds 11 ounces 
to Kristen and Preston

022314 Paisley Raelyn 9 pounds & 6 ounces
to Brittany and R.J. (Good Catch Daddy!)

012914 June Estelle 8 pounds
to Adriane and Daniel

2013 Babies
120813 Ava Shalom  8 pounds and 15 ounces
to Kristina and Philip
112513 Daniel Isaac  10 pounds 1 ounce
to Gosia and Micheal
111513 Hudson Eber  8 pounds and 3 ounces
to Becky and Parker
110213 Abigail Marie  9 pounds 3 ounces
to Rachel and Dustin
102213 Troy Emmanuel 8 pounds 13 ounces
to Kristina and Sean
101913 David Joseph  9 pounds 4 ounces
to Leah and Brian
092913 Lewis Marion  8 pounds 
to Melissa & Richard

081913 Sadie Jane  8 pounds & 8 ounces
to Kimberly & Ben
080213 Cameron Tyler  7 pounds 3 ounces
to Sherri & Nathan

In the Altar of My Home
May my worship touch You like a sweet caress.
In the altar of my home, I surrender to You,
Guide me, Lord, in all I say, think, and do.
Please show me Your will, day after day,
Keep me close to Your heart, I humbly pray.
In the altar of my home, may my work be blessed,
Let my homemaking efforts be my very best.
Give me strength to polish, bake, and clean,
May my labors be a joy – not just a routine.
In the altar of my home, bless me as a wife.
Let my kind words bring healing to end all strife.
May my husband feel helped by my loving hands,
Always cheering, uplifting—girded to stand.
In the altar of my home, bless me as a mother,
Showering my children with love like no other.
Grant me wisdom to teach and train with grace,
That my children may know You and Your face.
In the altar of my home, may my prayers rise to You,
Fragrant and fresh as the morning dew.
In this peaceful haven of quiet and rest.
By Jennifer Anne F. Messing