Birthing Options' Traditional Midwifery Care 

Serving families since 1981       

My Story

Not a destination, a Journey

A 'Calling' is received.
I had my first child in 1978, a fine son, Ashley. 
Typical American Hospital Birth.
IV's, enema, artificial rupturing of the bag of waters, confined to bed, frequent dilation checks, pitocin (because I didn't progress quick enough to satisfy the OB), saddle block (analgesic), episiotomy, 
*But that experience led me, at 18 to look at the American Birth Process.
Became a Certified Bradley Instructor (American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth) in 1981.
1982, a precious second son, Emery, born.  
In a hospital, but very different. No IV, No enema, up and walking/squatting/whatever, only 3 vaginal exams before birth, breastfeeding immediately, baby never went to the nursery, home 6 hours after the birth. 
*My body does WORK!!!!
1984, my long awaited daughter, April.
Homebirth with a Certified Nurse Midwife. Birthing in my bed, with my husband and Mother present, 


Questions to ask your Potential Caregiver

*What is your educational background
*How many deliveries have you been the primary caregiver at
*How much is your fee
*What does your fee include: childbirth classes, prenatal visits, home visits, postpartum visits, birth kit, labor pool, supplies, labs, etc
*When do you come to my labor
*How long do you stay after the birth
*How long do you wait for the delivery of the placenta
*When do you cut the cord
*Do you break the bag of waters
*Do you induce
*What is your policy on estimated due dates
*How many cases are you responsible each month
*How many cases do you have in my birth month
*If you miss my birth; how much of my fee do you refund

My Services

Birthing Options' Traditional Midwifery Care offers Holistic and comprehensive childbirth care that includes:
  • Initial Interview with parents
  • Childbirth Education
  • Holistic prenatal care including nutritional counseling, health assessment, and birth options planning. (average visits are 1 - 1.5 hours)
  • Informed consent; all techniques and routines will be fully explained before performing; this include during prenatals, birth, and postpartumly.
  • Birthing Options' Client Notebook
  • Lending Library: books/DVDs
  • On call 24 hours, 7 days a week for URGENT circumstances
  • Home visit by 37 weeks
  • Continuous care in Mother's home during labor, birth,and immediate postpartum.
  • Use of Labor/Water Pool
  • Newborn assessment after the birth
  • MS Birth Certificate filing
  • Six weeks of postpartum care for Mother and Baby; including 2 home visits during the first week and 2 office visits later
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Standard Fee is $3600.00 (Includes my Assistant's fee) does not include labs, ultrasounds, nor birth kit.